Bits and Parts

Authors | Joris Laarman Lab
Project Name | Bits&Parts
Objective | Parametric modeling (in collaboration with Michał Piasecki)

The Bits&Parts series is a set of free to download, 3d printable chairs. Fragmenting the objects into puzzles makes it possible to utilize multiple 3d printers at the same time, speeding up the process and making it a collaborative effort. The modeling proces had to take into account the maximal size of a piece possible to print on a desktop 3d printer, printing time, mesh quality and the geometrical properties of each piece to make it possible to assemble them together without collisions.

About Joris Laarman Lab | Established in 2004 Joris Laarman Lab is an experimental playground set up to study and shape the future. It tinkers with craftsmen, scientists and engineers on the many new possibilities of upcoming technology and its consequential esthetics. The work is very diverse, from sculptural experimental furniture and innovative production processes to museum installations, film, digital media and workshops at universities around the world. The work of Joris Laarman Lab has been added to the permanent collections of many renowned international museums like the MoMA, V&A, Centre Pompidou and the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. (via LinkedIn)