CAD Configurator

Introducing Our Latest CAD-Enabled Product Configurator

You can find the configurator running at

Another Week, Another #ProductConfigurator!

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to our suite of tools: a specialized product configurator that focuses on a more “architectural” object—the connection detail of two HEB beams. Let’s dive into some more details:

The enhanced configurator now empowers out customers to generate CAD drawings (available in PDF format, with DXF support coming soon) and a 3D model (STL file). Whether you’re an architect, engineer, or fabricator, these resources will streamline your workflow and increase your project pace.

We’ve meticulously tested our configurator on various mobile devices, including Androids, iPhones, and iPads. You can now access and customize your designs seamlessly, whether you’re at your desk or on the go.